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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Personalised Gift to Surprise Your Partner or Friend

A special occasion is coming and time is running out? You still haven't found the ideal gift to surprise your partner or friend. And you are at a crossroads now, how to choose the perfect gift? 

It has happened to all of us. Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day... you want to look great with a gift that no one expects. Don't worry, we are here to help you. Grab a cup of coffee and read till the end and I am pretty sure that by the end of this article, you will have that perfect gift idea in your mind that you're looking for. 

The perfect gift that is unique to each person

Giving presents is a way to express love, affection, and gratitude. We all have the power to bring excitement—whether through our words, actions, or the presents we give, we can stir up emotions in others. In the event if you are not sure of what gifts to give? Consider reading up on the 5 best customised gifts in singapore that aims to assist you in your search.

A present is an opportunity to bring out THE SMILE that becomes an unforgettable mark, that becomes a story to tell, and that every time they see it they remember you.

To do this, we have to know the other person and be empathetic because what may be the ideal gift for one person may not be the ideal gift for another. Can you imagine giving a color set to someone who doesn't like to draw? It would be better to give tickets to a concert of their favorite band, right? You've probably already imagined that person jumping for joy and that's the reaction you're looking for.

How to choose the perfect personalised gift

Everyone likes to be surprised with a gift that is personalised to their liking and here are tips that will help you find the ideal gift for that person you really care about.

1. Be Observant

When you are with him or her, pay attention to the conversation and his or her behavior. Normally they leave clues about what they like, what has surprised them the most, and where they like to go. You will also be able to pick up their interests, and topics they are more interested in than others. Check out their tastes and see if they are more into experiences or objects. Look more at his experiences and how he/she has lived with them.

2. Consider Hobbies

We all have some hobbies or activities that we love. So ask yourself, what does that person like to do? What's are their favorite movie? What sport do they practice the most? What band are they excited about? What kind of books do they usually read? What are their favorite food? What is most important to him or her (family, traveling, friends)?

3. Remember Moments You Have Lived Together

You have probably known each other for a long time and have had moments that have left their mark. A birthday bash, graduation, an epic trip, a wedding, the birth of a baby... You are surely filled with experiences that have been shared over time.

These memories are definitely worth revisiting, and finding a unique way to immortalise them is a brilliant idea.

4. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

The gift is about the other person, not you. And that is probably the first mistake we make, thinking “I'm going to give him/her something I like.”

Be empathetic, show interest in the other person, and list alternatives they might like. It's not about picking the first thing that pops into your head or the first thing you like. Instead, think about their tastes and preferences and brainstorm a list of alternatives they might appreciate.

5. Choose The Gift With Enthusiasm

Giving a gift is all about making the recipient feel valuable and super happy. And if you have put all your effort into thinking in detail about the ideal gift, believe us, he/she will notice it and will be delighted to receive it.

The time you put in does show, so give yourself the time you need.

There is nothing that a person values ​​more than knowing that you thought about them, that you thought about their preference or the situation they are experiencing at that moment.

Consider getting a customised gifts and I believe you will surely get a smile from that person or the occasional tear of happiness.

6. Ask For Helpful Advice

People around you can give you a thousand ideas, but not all of them work for you. Has it happened to you that you ask what to give and everyone talks to you from their experience and one tells you black and another white?

Don't be shocked. To give more personalised gift without losing that special touch, reach out to someone who can help you design the experience. It can be a very close friend or even a specialist in creating memorable experiences. They'll assist you in finding the perfect gift and make you shine like a star.

7. Get Out Of The Box

Everyone gives chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, or some clothes, they are the conventional gifts that you can surely give to people who are not very close to your heart. 

But for your loved ones, try to be more original or you may even consider personalised gifts that is tailored to them. If he/she likes chocolates, you could make them in the shape of letters, arrange them to form a sentence, or fill them with exotic flavors or full of color or you can also get a chocolate box customised with his/her name.

Remember that price is not the most important thing. It can be something simple, a drawing, or a photograph, but if you give it from the heart and try to create an experience around it, it's all you need.

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